Investing strongly in people allows us to create professionals capable of dealing with any situation and giving the customer a truly excellent support.

Excellence Academy

The training of human resources is a focal point for us at Excellence Consulting: this is why Excellence Academy was set up, the internal training school at Excellence that aims to provide courses that focus both on sector issues (Banking, Insurance and Asset Management) and on developing the main skills of a good consultant.

“Excellence Academy” is made up of a schedule of regular meetings; classroom sessions are held by the management of the company and, for the enhancement of the professional experience and the maximisation of educational effectiveness, may involve the direct attendance of key clients, available to join the discussion and for open dialogue with the participants.

Problem Solving

Project Management

Customer relationship management

Advanced Excel and PowerPoint course

Advanced course on analysis of the bank statement

In-depth examination of the main issues in the field of Banking, Insurance and Asset management

... are just some of the operations aimed at the development of internal expertise.

Public speaking

The profession of consultant presents many opportunities of meeting and sharing, where it is important to be able to communicate effectively and convincingly. The course in “public speaking” provides the tools to enable this objective: correct breathing and modulation of tone of voice; gestures and public speaking techniques; ability to capture and maintain the attention of the listener; how to convey key messages with full effectiveness.

The course involves the active participation of the participants, by experimenting with theatrical techniques in acting, improvisation, space management.

Language Courses

In a company that is continuously growing both nationally and internationally it is essential that consultants continue to improve their language skills.
In this context Excellence Consulting provides resources with at least two years experience in company courses in English, French and Italian.

The course consists of lectures to groups of consultants and the release at the end of the course of a certificate of completion and transition to the next level.

Etre Excellence

The Retreat is a moment for sharing that the whole Excellence team look forward to.

From 2010 up to today Florence, Ostuni, Ibiza & Formentera, Villasimius, Agadir and Venice have hosted this perfect blend of pleasure and duty allowing consultants to participate in the definition of corporate strategy and share the results achieved and, at the same time, getting to know their colleagues outside the working environment.
Without formal clothes the young people have the opportunity to participate in institutional moments and team building activities that strengthen the bond between them by improving and increasing personal and professional productivity.

The destination changes every year but 2017 will be a very special year for us... our ten-year anniversary beckons!

Excellence in Life

“Mens sana in corpore sano”.

The well-being of the consultants is very important to us. For this reason we have provided resources at Consultant, Senior Consultant, Manager and Senior Manager level with the program “Excellence in life”, a set of benefits and services designed to go beyond the purely monetary component of their remuneration in order to supplement the income of the employees and enhance their private and working life.

Employees can thus use these benefits for the purposes of pleasure (travel), health (medical benefits), well-being (gyms) or finance (mortgage payments, kindergartens or schools for their children, PIP).