Management Consulting that produces real results

We help our customers design and implement initiatives with positive impact on their income statement


Management support to produce real results.


Excellence is the essence of our way to assist customers: it's not just our brand, but also the mission of our group.

About us

A Team of professionals of proven experiences that make the difference. We are the partner for those who want to achieve successful projects.

Where we operate

Our main focus is on Financial Institutions: our clients are leading banks, insurance companies and Asset Management companies in Italy and in international markets.

Marketing and products

Excellence leads its customers to innovation and placement that is always one step ahead of its competitors

We have developed outstanding ability in the design and implementation of processes and structured methods in the most critical areas of insurance and banking Marketing & Sales:

Client segmentation

Development and review of the product range

Redefinition of the pricing system

Revision of the multichannel distribution system

Realization of sales stimulation programmes

Why Excellence Consulting

For the main players of the banking and insurance sector, we have successfully developed projects to launch new products/services and technological innovation, as well as processes and tools supporting managerial decisions.

In addition, we have supported our clients in implementing Executive Dashboards and integrated research departments dedicated to the assessment of elements that impact on the marketing and sales strategies: market benchmark, competitors, innovative products, distribution models and developments in legislation.

Business development and Customer care

In complex areas such as financial institutions, Excellence supports the customer effectively in all the phases of the life cycle of products and services placed on the market

We help our customers to get the most competitive advantage in Customer Care and Customer Operations, by developing multi-channel platforms and optimising operational performance. We support the launch of new products and services, the development of prospect acquisition campaigns, defining customer loyalty initiatives.

Why Excellence Consulting

In collaboration with major players in Italian banking and insurance, we have developed high skill levels in the definition of multi-channel customer service operating platforms, characterised by a high level of service and a close interconnection with corporate functions that interact with the Customer Operation.

Organisation and human resources

In a changing environment, Excellence helps clients reduce difficulties related to change and redefine the organisational structures

With our expertise in the design of organisational solutions and management strategies for HR Management, we help our customers achieve efficient organisational structures, characterised by consistent sizing to core activities and the allocation of resources best suited to each role that is required.

Why Excellence Consulting

By working with the best players in the world of banking and insurance we have successfully implemented improvement initiatives for business organisations including skill assessment studies aimed at increasing the level of performance of resources through the mapping and the development of skills. We have also conducted complex analyses of sizing and defined strategies for HR Management.

Value management

Excellence assists its clients in the definition and implementation of processes and tools for corporate governance and decision support

Predicting events and anticipating our competitors in the current market environment are challenges that require access to information to support strategic decisions (product and commercial strategies, investments, market and customer target selection, organisational restructuring) and operational decisions (review of incentive systems, identification of key performance indicators and implementation of new commercial control systems).

Why Excellence Consulting

We have extensive experience in the areas of Banking, Asset Management and Insurance in the definition and implementation of systems for management control, business intelligence models, management reporting and budgeting, analytical and industrial accounting, purchasing and cost management, strategic planning and evaluation of enterprise value.

Change management

Excellence helps customers to drive innovation processes and develop professional skills, to enhance the ability to excel in the markets

In a market environment increasingly characterised by rapid innovation, the ability of companies to enrich professionalism within their organisation and to attract young talent becomes a strategic variable in which to invest significantly with high level training courses. Similarly, an understanding of the most effective ways to introduce and manage internal change is vital to be able to take advantage of the opportunities for innovation.

Why Excellence Consulting

Thanks to the experience and expertise gained, we have worked on numerous projects of educational strategies, initiatives and action plans for the development and updating of technical and relational skills, achieving excellent results in terms of human capital and performance improvement, as well as image in terms of the stakeholders of the customers.

IT Strategy & governance

Excellence supports its customers in the achievement of an effective IT Strategy and Governance policy, which enables it to monitor and seize the opportunities arising from technological leverage for the benefit of the business

An effective company IT Governance must focus on value creation, risk management and balancing of resources, aligning planning, execution and monitoring of IT operations according to the needs of business, process and customer service.

Why Excellence Consulting

Through analysis of the peculiarities of management in IT, along with the term "taylor made" of the major international representatives of best practice, we have contributed to the definition of technological architectures and IT management strategies in synergy with the business, focusing on optimising the operating performance and service level, ensuring an effective change management.

Project management

Excellence coordinates highly complex IT projects and organisational change, in order to ensure their implementation in respect of costs and execution time

Optimum control in terms of effectiveness and efficiency of the relevant projects is crucial for companies that want to keep up with market expectations and with the economic conditions created by the current global competitive environment.

Why Excellence Consulting

We have developed a wealth of experience in the Project Management of large, complex projects in the banking and insurance sector, overseeing all aspects critical to the success of the project:

Project planning and capacity planning

Monitoring the state of progress of activities

Management and resolution of the issues and activation of the escalation process

Coordination of communication between different project structures

Management of interdependence/intersections with related projects


Artists of change.


Excellence is the distinctive feature of our way to assist customers: it's not just our brand, but also our mission.

About us

Not just “traditional trainers” but true and proper artists of change: the professionals at Excellence Education interpret the customer's requirements and implement training as a strategic tool for the achievement of corporate objectives.

Where we operate:

Our Core Business is the Financial Institutions. Our clients are leading banks, insurance companies and Asset Management companies in Italy and in international markets.

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Creativity and Technology to generate Value


We imagine and create innovative solutions, from concept to final product. Agility from startups, but also consolidated perennial skills in the two areas most important to us: the knowledge of Business and of Technology.

About us

Excellence Innovation (EXIN) is not the typical "software house". We develop innovative and customised software, by constantly investing in the design and usability of all of our products

Where we operate:

EXIN is able to provide to banks, insurance companies and manufacturers with creative communication & software solutions that create value, focusing in particular on Marketing and Operations.

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